For three years, since 2021, I have battled cervical cancer twice and continue to battle daily with the long term and ongoing side effects from rigorous radiation and chemotherapy. After losing my father at a young age to an accidental overdose, I knew early into my fight I did not want to use any ‘hardcore’ pain medicine to combat the awful pain I was in so I began to turn to holistic and natural options for relief. I turned to medical cannabis to help me sleep, to get me up in the morning, to keep me eating, to keep me from getting sick, to help with ongoing pain and not to mention the PTSD. 27 years old with a stage 4A cancer diagnosis. My world was rocked and whatever normal I thought I knew was out the window. 

Being a younger cancer patient, I began to see how important it is to advocate for yourself. During treatment, I became a (cervical) cancer patient advocate committed to make a change for women’s health and treatment options. Many of these procedures pertaining to gynecological health are done without the use of any painkillers for whatever reason. I can speak to the validity of that. You’re lucky if they offer you any tylenol. There is no reason any person should suffer in any capacity when we have an answer of relief – medical cannabis. Without the use of medical cannabis I do not think I could continue to stand, walk, eat, and really LIVE. 


Cancer Survivor

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