Welcome to Relief, our latest product line designed to bring comfort and wellness to Georgia’s patients!

This full spectrum tincture has a watermelon flavor with a hint of sweetness and is available in Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Learn more about the unique features of each product below.




Elevate your day with our Sativa Relief Tincture, designed to stimulate creativity and focus.


Experience the best of both worlds with our Hybrid Relief Tincture, balancing mind and body for those in-between moments.


Unwind with the tranquility of our Indica Relief Tincture, a nighttime ally that promotes relaxation and restful sleep.


Relief Sativa Tincture

1:10 CBD:THC (30mg:300mg): Energize your day with our Relief Sativa Tincture in the 1:10 CBD:THC ratio. Perfect for those mornings when you need an extra boost, this formulation is designed to uplift and invigorate. Ideal for creative pursuits and physical activities, bringing you the clarity and focus that only sativa can provide.

1:1 CBD:THC (300mg:300mg): Experience the perfect equilibrium with our 1:1 CBD:THC Relief Sativa Tincture. This balanced blend offers the energizing effects of sativa, tempered by the soothing properties of CBD. It’s a great companion for both busy days and creative endeavors, providing a harmonious sense of well-being.


Relief Indica Tincture

1:10 CBD:THC (30mg:300mg): Unwind and relax with the Relief Indica Tincture in a 1:10 CBD:THC blend. Designed for deep relaxation and tranquility, this tincture is your go-to for evenings or when you need to de-stress. The higher THC content, complemented by a touch of CBD, aids in soothing your body and calming your mind.

1:1 CBD:THC (300mg:300mg): Embrace serenity with our 1:1 CBD:THC Relief Indica Tincture. This balanced blend provides the calming and relaxing effects of indica, with the added benefit of CBD’s wellness properties. Perfect for a peaceful night or a quiet, relaxed day, it’s your ally in achieving total body and mind relaxation.


Relief Hybrid Tincture

1:10 CBD:THC (30mg:300mg): Get the best of both worlds with our Relief Hybrid Tincture in a 1:10 CBD:THC ratio. This versatile blend offers a balanced experience, suitable for any time of the day. Whether you’re looking to focus or wind down, this tincture adapts to your needs, providing a well-rounded, harmonious effect.

1:1 CBD:THC (300mg:300mg): Discover the ideal balance with our 1:1 CBD:THC Relief Hybrid Tincture. This evenly matched blend harmonizes the elevating effects of THC with the calming essence of CBD, making it a versatile choice for all-day use. It’s the perfect partner for maintaining equilibrium in your daily routine.

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